Our Geriatricians provide inpatient care at Calvary Wakefield Hospital and Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital along with consultation services for inpatients at Calvary North Adelaide Hospital. Outpatient Clinic appointments are available at McIntyre Medical Centre, Para Hills West with Dr Kylie Gardner and at Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital, Walkerville with Dr Sally Johns.


Peri-operative Medicine

We offer comprehensive care for older patients around the time of surgery and work closely with surgical staff to ensure the best possible outcome after surgery.

Our process involves undertaking a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment where priority is given to managing any acute medical and surgical issues in the context of the patient’s broader medical issues and social situation. We undertake a thorough assessment of medical history, medications, social situation and review common geriatric syndromes. During the surgical recovery period we will assess ongoing care and rehabilitation needs and assist with discharge planning.

Pre-operative assessments are available with Dr Gardner at McIntyre Medical Centre, Para Hills West & with Dr Johns at Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital in Walkerville.

Inpatient Consultations

For older patients admitted to Calvary Wakefield Hospital and Calvary North Adelaide Hospital we offer an inpatient consultation service. Our specialty areas for review include complex multi-morbidity, polypharmacy, delirium, cognitive impairment and falls.



We provide inpatient medical care for patients requiring admission to Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital, including continuity of care for our peri-operative patients. We are proud to have been associated with Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital for a number of years, where our patients benefit from state of the art rehabilitation facilities and a highly skilled and dedicated allied health team.
For more information about rehabilitation at Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital click here.

Outpatient Clinics

Our Outpatient Geriatric Clinics allow for assessment of older patients for common geriatric conditions including cognitive impairment and dementia, complex multi-morbidity, polypharmacy, delirium, and falls. For patients requiring elective surgery we provide pre-operative medical assessment.

When attending our clinics please bring all your medications and you are welcome to bring a family member or carer with you.

Dr Kylie Gardner offers outpatient appointments at McIntyre Medical Centre

Dr Sally Johns and Dr Tam Ho offer outpatient appointments including pre-operative assessments at Calvary Rehabilitation hospital.


Residential Care Visits

We offer residential care visits for Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment at some locations.