Geriatric Medicine SA – Outstanding Care for Older Patients

We are locally trained Geriatricians, specialising in the comprehensive care of older medical and surgical patients.

We provide care at these locations:

  • Calvary Adelaide Hospital, Angas Street: rehabilitation admissions and geriatric/peri-operative consultations.
  • Memorial Hospital: consultations only
  • ECH College Grove, 18 North East Road: outpatient clinic
  • Limited Residential Care Facilities

For patients requiring surgery, we are committed to working collaboratively with surgeons to ensure that the best possible outcomes can be achieved. Our process involves a comprehensive initial assessment with ongoing care throughout the hospital stay. For patients requiring transfer to Calvary Adelaide Hospital rehabilitation wards, we provide ongoing care throughout the rehabilitation admission. We will work closely with patients, their families and carers and hospital staff to assist with planning for discharge and future care needs.


We are continuing to monitor the situation with COVID-19.  We are currently undertaking clinics as per usual. Dr Tam Ho continues to receive referrals, however please note the pandemic will likely result in a change in waiting time or appointment times.  The health of our patients remains our priority.

Inpatient referrals: Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital: complete Referral Form and request your preferred clinician.

Calvary Wakefield Hospital: Call us on (08) 8180 0628

Calvary North Adelaide Hospital: Call us on (08) 8180 0628

Outpatient Referrals:

Dr Kylie Gardner – Clinic Appointments:
Closing June 2021 due to extended
personal leave
For medical requests for prior information
please Fax 08 7109 0079
Health Link available

Dr Tam Ho – Clinic Appointments:
ECH College Grove
18 North East Road
Walkerville SA 5081
Ph 08 8180 0628
Fax 08 7109 0079

Referrals for outpatient clinics can be made to the locations listed above. If the patient requires Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment, a referral from the patient’s treating GP indicating a request for comprehensive assessment, would be appreciated.

Residential Care Facility Visits: We have resumed RACF visits. Due to the vulnerability of those who live in a RACF we will continue to closely monitor the risk to patients.  Please contact us on 08 81 800 628 to discuss your patient. Accepted referrals can then be faxed to 08 7109 0079.